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Spyware is the biggest threat to safe computing today. Be sure to keep yourself aware of the current threats, and be able to remove them if your computer becomes infected.

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Spyware is a computer program that gathers information about a user without that user's knowledge, or performs some sort of activity on a user's computer without the user's knowledge or permission. Spyware can be broken down into two separate categories. The first is surveillance software such as key loggers, screen capture devices, and Trojans. The next is advertising spyware that is usually installed without your knowledge or explained in such a way that you do not know it is spyware.

Some of these programs, whether they are called spyware, malware or adware, can install DLLs and other files that will send data to the company that installed the software. This can also leave your computer open to hackers.

These spyware programs can disable your uninstall abilities, monitor your keystrokes as you type, access files on your drive, disable your applications, reset your browser's homepage and display advertising content which you did not request. They may also be able to access and delete files and even reformat your entire hard drive.